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  The view of the New York skyline last Friday morning as I spent time thinking about my dearest Dad while his burial was taking place 3,000 miles away.  Is it just me or does that look like a broken heart above the Empire State Building?  It also looks like Woodstock on a skateboard 😉 […]

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Hello, What on earth happened to October and most of November?!  I’m slightly embarrassed to have not sent out a newsletter since the end of September but I’m back and happy to be showing up in your inbox today! I would like to give a warm welcome to new subscribers – I’m so happy that […]

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Hello, It’s the time of year when we start to think about the year ahead and the resolutions or goals that we want to set for ourselves.  It is also a time of year when we tend to reflect back on the year that is coming to a close.  Because we are coming to the […]

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Hello to you and Happy First Day of Fall!! Welcome to new subscribers – I’m so happy to have you here! Today is the first day of Fall or Autumn for my UK subscribers and I could NOT be happier for Fall to be here!  This was the oddest Summer ever and not in a […]

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I absolutely LOVE September.  It feels like it has all the potential of January 1st but without all the fanfare and countdowns and pressure.  It feels like a much more gentle fresh start.  There are four months remaining in 2019 and creating a plan for that amount of time feels good.This Summer has been my least […]

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On this final day of January, this piece of advice from Steven Pressfield succinctly sums up what I need to hear and what I want you to know. THIS is what it comes down to. Put your ass where your heart wants to be. If you want to write a book, sit your ass down […]

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I was reminded of this quote last night while doing some homework for a course I am taking with @racheal.cook I remember when I read it a few years ago and how much it resonated with me. There is only one of each of us in all time. Let that sink in for a moment. […]

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It might not be quite as pithy as Nike’s “Just Do It” but I love this from Amelia Earhart. I especially love that she said it more than 50 years before Nike first used the phrase Just Do It. Whether it’s starting a business, writing a book, eating a more healthy diet, exercising more often, […]

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This week on 365 Days of Courage, I’m talking about the importance of actually taking action on the things that you want to do. Going from dreaming to doing. In my own life, I’ve noticed that it’s the things that I really, really, really want to do that I, in fact, don’t do or don’t stay committed […]

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