“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

James Clear

The Next Chapter Lab is an online membership designed to encourage and support women to actually do the things that they say they want to do. 

In The Lab, I will teach you how to carve out the time and focus you need to make this next chapter everything that it can be.  Your membership includes group coaching, support and accountability as you make this next chapter your happiest and most meaningful one yet.

The Lab is for women who already know what they want to work on in this next chapter and who need support in making it happen. 

It is for women who find that life keeps "getting in the way" and they want to learn how to stay focused on their dreams and goals even in the middle of a global pandemic that is nothing like anything we have ever experienced before.  It might seem frivolous to talk about dreams and goals at a time like this but I passionately believe that the world need us to show up fully now more than ever to transform our lives and our communities for the better in this next chapter.

The Lab is a place for planning and then taking action on your projects.  Whether it's creating an exit plan from a job you hate or starting a new business or writing a book or leaving a soul-destroying relationship or moving to a new city or country or creating a new life for yourself as an empty nester or anything else that you want to do or experience in this next chapter.

My genuine hope is that The Lab becomes an invaluable resource as you:

- LEARN a framework to live more fully and courageously in this next chapter of your life;
- take ACTION to implement what you have learned; and 
- enjoy the BENEFITS in your life right away.

Creating and living your most satisfying next chapter is something that can happen right now. You can make small - and yet significant - changes today that will immediately bring more joy, satisfaction and meaning to your every day life.

I know it’s tempting to keep waiting until you hear James Earl Jones’ voice tell you this “one thing” that you were born to do. 

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 52 years it’s that there are SO many versions of us that we could live. Each and every version could be magnificent. But all of those versions will be lost if we don’t at least try them on to see if they feel as good as we think that they will.

The Lab is for trying new things, for reconnecting with who we really are, for starting to live lives that will create irresistible obituaries.  For taking our long-held dreams off hold because life is way too short to put anything off until later.

Later is here.  I't's time.

"Our actions are a chisel with which we sculpt our identity.  So ask yourself: Who are you?  Better yet: who do you want to be?"

- Roadmap: The Get-It-Together Guide for Figuring Out What To Do With Your Life

As a woman in my 50’s I’m ready to live as the truly multi-faceted person that I am.  

In the brilliant book, Roadmap: The Get-It-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life, the authors talk about looking for the “Next You”:

“You’ve probably heard of (or been part of) a beta test. The beta version of software is typically a limited release in order to test the effectiveness of the product, and its content and format will evolve as the developers discard what doesn’t work about it and strengthen what does. A beta test is an iteration of something that is subject to continued improvement.

This approach matches the way we as people should change over time. Living in Beta means you are continually building better versions of yourself. It means that the current “you” is just a single iteration of what you can be, and the next “you” that you build isn’t a final either - it’s just one more step forward.”
— Roadmap: The Get-It-Together Guide for Figuring out what to do with your life

So that is what we will be doing in The Lab - “Living in Beta” as we continually build beta/better versions of ourselves. That isn’t to say that the “you” you are today is worse in any way. It’s just to say that you are constantly evolving and the feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration tend to appear most strongly when you are fighting the urge to evolve into the next version of you.

When we embrace all the experiences that have brought us to this point in our lives and choose the thread that is most meaningful to us, we can continue that thread into this next chapter. We can build upon everything we’ve done and experienced and learned this far and take it to the next level.

We can start to do that right now. Not at some point in the future when the time is “right”. That point most likely will never arrive. So grab today with both hands. Choose to make this next chapter an absolute page-turner.

The Next Chapter Lab includes:

An online workshop to help you plan your next 90 days based on the concept of The 12 Week Year which I love!!  I will offer a live version of this workshop at the beginning of each quarter but there will also be a recorded version of the workshop that you can do at any time during your membership.  Includes a 90 Day Planning Worksheet.

This workshop follows on from the 90 Day planning workshop.  Once you have a 90 day plan in place, the "Plan Your Month" workshop will teach you how to get into the habit of planning your next 30 days. I will offer a live version of this workshop at the beginning of each month but there will also be a recorded version of the workshop that you can do at any time during your membership.

This is an online video that will walk you through how to plan your week.  Includes a Plan Your Week Worksheet.

This is an online video that will walk you through how to plan your week. Includes a Plan Your Week Worksheet.


Take Action:

You will receive the following emails from me each week:
- an email on Sunday to remind you to plan the week ahead and including a planning worksheet for you to use;
- an email on Wednesday for a mid-week check-in and to make sure that you're staying focused on the actions that matter and eliminating the actions that don't!
- an email on Friday for an end-of-week check-in with a worksheet to help you to review the past week, to get clear on what went well and what could be improved.

BI-MONTHLY "GET IT DONE" SESSIONS:  twice per month I will offer online co-working sessions where we’ll meet online via Zoom so you can connect from wherever you are in the world. We will set our intentions for what we plan to work on during the next 90 minutes and I will remain available throughout the 90 minute session to answer any questions you have or to help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing. You might use the time to work on your resume or to create a draft business plan or to work on the next chapter of your book or to work on your website or to plan the logistics for creating an exhibition of your photography.  It will be a time for you to focus and tackle the projects that tend to get lost in the chaos of everyday life.


Members of the Next Chapter Lab receive the following discounts:

- 10% discount on 1:1 coaching programs or sessions with me; and

- 20% discount on my courses.

Access to The Next Chapter Monthly Book Club - each month I will recommend a book that I think will inspire you as you bring your next chapter to life. I will record a Podcast episode discussing the book of the month and will provide a worksheet for you to complete as you read the book. 

In October, the book will be "Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear" by Liz Gilbert which I absolutely love. My copy is full of handwritten scribbles in the margins and lots of underlining.

In November, the book will be “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle.

In December, the book will be “Your Story Is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice” by Elle Luna.

Why a quarterly commitment instead of monthly?

I am a HUGE fan of the book, The 12 Week Year, by Brian Moran. I first started using it with my business coaching clients when we were developing strategies for their businesses. But then I started using it in my own life (personal and business) and my business clients started applying it to their personal lives too, not just to their businesses.

The subtitle of the book is "Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months."

Now that I'm in my 50’s, I really, really, really want to maximize the weeks, months and years ahead.

To make the most of the time that is left.

It is amazing how much more you can achieve and how much more momentum you can build when you work 90 days at a time instead of having a 12 month plan. I've used the same planning strategy in my own life and I love working with a 90 day focus. It is a long enough time period to gain real momentum but short enough to see the end in sight!

There is a poem that I love by the poet, Nayyirah Waheed, who writes:

“i want to live so densely. lush. and slow. in the next few years. that a year becomes ten years. and the past becomes only a page. in the book of my life.”

Nayyirah Waheed

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or distracted as you try to pursue some of your bigger dreams?

Making changes and pursuing bolder dreams can be overwhelming and it can be hard to stay focused on what truly needs to get done when there are so many moving pieces and so many shiny distractions.

Living in that constant state of overwhelm and stress takes its toll on you. It is very easy to revert to old patterns of behavior that sabotage - rather than support - your success in making the changes you want to make. Suddenly months, years, even decades have passed by and all the changes you wanted to make remain unchanged, the dreams you wanted to pursue are still dreams and the weight of regret just weighs heavier upon you.  

It can be incredibly helpful to have someone in your corner who is 100% focused on you actually doing the things you want to do. To encourage you, to remind you of why these dreams matter to you, to call you out when you slip back into destructive patterns of behavior. To remind you, day in day out, week in week out, to put your ass where your heart wants to be.

My mission with the Next Chapter Lab is to provide group coaching, weekly accountability and a community to support each other as they work on their 90 day plans.

At the end of 90 days, you might have all the knowledge and tools that you need to continue planning and living 90 days at a time by yourself.  Or you might have found that your membership in The Lab has made a huge difference in how you are showing up in your life each day and you want to continue as a member.

I just want you to experience 90 days of support and accountability so that you can see how much momentum can be built when you stay focused on a project for 90 days at time.

“Try looking at your mind as a wayward puppy that you are trying to paper train. You don’t drop-kick a puppy into the neighbor’s yard every time it piddles on the floor. You just keep bringing it back to the newspaper.”

Anne Lamott

What are their fears or objections of joining? Call it out!

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I would love to support you to make this next chapter your happiest, most fulfilling one yet!

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I can't wait to meet you
inThe Lab!!

xoxo Sal